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PR Enquiries

Bryony is an experienced writer, speaker and award winning online programme provider. She is always open to new connections, collaborations and opportunities so please do not hesitate to get in touch

Here’s what the incredible humans in Bryony’s world have to say about Bryony, her coaching and community…

I would describe Bryony as...

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"The space you have opened up for me to express myself is so valuable. You have created safety, comfort and connection in a process that could have felt really alien. It is so incredible to have your insights and knowledge on healing and spirituality and the EFT is actually rewiring my thought processes in a way I never imagined. Thank you for bringing a whole new dimension to my healing in such a safe, kind and supportive way."

Emily- Author and Educator

“I love working with Bryony because she hears me, which is so important to me, guides me safely to see things in a better way, flip it. I always feel that when we have a session I'm never rushed, always encouraged to grow at my pace. I never feel pushed.

Your sessions light a fire in my soul that I have never been able to do by myself. Thank you for guiding me to take action and make my dreams into a reality. I have grown so much that I don't recognise the old me now. The difference you have made to me, my family and business is just amazing.”


Emma- EFT Practitioner and Entrepreneur

"The person who can tell you the truth that may be hard to hear but with so much love you know you can do anything"

"The most enthusiastic, engaging and focused person I have ever worked with!"

"Magic! Her enthusiasm radiates out and is so contagious"

"Hard to put into words, you have to be in a space with her to truly understand her magic!"

I would describe Bryony as...

"Sincere and the absolute catalyst to my self and business growth"

"A powerhouse of a human!"

"A POWERFUL energy healer and activator"

"The missing piece! An activation of momentum for my business journey"


“Bryony is amazing to work with. Always so supportive and so positive. The help I get from Bryony has been absolutely amazing getting me through some tough times, particularly the EFT. I dread to think where I’d be without her help! I can honestly say my anxiety at least halves after a session and I sleep so much better!”

Martin- Video Producer and Entrepreneur

"Bryony is truly a joy to work with. She highlighted areas I hadn’t thought of before with my business and branding, tuning into my values and what I wanted to convey to my clients.


It was a wonderful, collaborative experience and I felt she brought a whole new life to my branding and business vision. I would highly recommend working with her."

Fern-Adele-  Fitness Entrepreneur


"Bryony's beautiful observations help transport you fully to your next level self. With an intuitive approach to how she works, you are able to see the barrier holding you back. I can now embrace my introverted side and I am so much more confident.”

Kirsty- Copy Writer and Communication Coach

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