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Guidelines of working with Bryony

All of Bryony's programmes and packages are a commitment of the full program length and are non- refundable. eg. 3 months or 12 months. Rolling contracts for existing clients may be adapted but a standard term of 2 months notice on termination is required to ensure the transition period and container is closed effectively for both parties. 


Bryony works on honour, trust and truth, reciprocal respect and is her rule.

Please read below to ensure you are clear how she serves and the commitments and conditions she has in her services.

  • Bryony creates her service on the commitment for you to open doors for you to improve your knowledge, understanding of your patterning, thoughts, and behaviours, so that you can learn how to let go, heal, elevate your truth from the inside out.


  • Bryony works with clients who commit, focus and apply their energy into learning, considering and exploring the content for life-changing results.


  • Bryony vows to honour your schedule as much as hers. Requests for last minute changes are welcomed- for good reasons. Life happens. Being hung over or getting a different social offer is not a justified cancellation reason. There must be a 48 hour notice period for 121 cancellations where possible. All calls to be cancelled on the Calendly link, as this opens the session for someone else. If you do not cancel on calendly, Bryony's diary will presume you are still attending. If you cancel late, or do not show, it will be Bryony's discretion to rearrange or not.

  • Bryony will serve you to her best, always with as much heart, grace that she can.  She doesn’t coach or do EFT to agree, disagree or form opinions or judgments on herself, you or anyone else. Therefore there may be times you feel shaky, unsure or have questions. She welcomes those. She equally doesn’t receive or take responsibility for the judgements, opinions or disagreement that you may have for her or anyone else in the programs. She embraces individuality and inclusivity. 


  • Safety is paramount, there will be times when emotions are stirred, this doesn’t mean you are not safe, it means you are building your capability and skill set to hold your true emotions that come with being human, without having to fight, flight or freeze and step into old habits you wish to set free.


  • If you feel unsure don't buy or sign up yet. Take your time. No pressure purchase required.

  • Disclose your truth, and health history honestly, it will help Bryony work her brilliance. 

  • Bryony is not a mind reader, although she is bang on at picking up your blind spots and glass ceilings. If you don’t speak, share or ask, then she can not open the real doors you wish to walk through. 

  • Most services are not recorded for client review. There are reasons for this. If you want to know, ask.


  • Bryony will coach you from the second you enter her containers, on calls, email and telegram, depending on what you sign up for. Sometimes coaching will look like a question, a story, acceptance, or a reply several days later. Each connection requires an attuned personalised response. However she replies it is the most potent way she considers for you to lean into your journey.


  • There will be times that you may feel excited, unsure or embarrassed. Bryony promises to welcome every feeling, emotion and thought you have to help you on your journey. 


  • For those in group programs: Bryony's specialism are her live calls. If you miss a group call, then it is your call. She will not ‘update’ or ‘summarise’ a call to you in an email, she is not your PA. You are investing, so be proactive and make the space to catch up and get your bloody money's worth by watching the recording or asking someone to share their post notes in the session! Then send her your insights, questions and ponders to her and watch the magic unfold.

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