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Change doesn’t feel easy no matter
how successful you have been...


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Whether it was an inner knowing or a change of circumstance,

you know you need to pivot but don’t know where to start...

I'll be honest, the reality is that pivoting your life and career can feel hard and having self-confidence and clarity within that space is an illusion!


Clarity is not about having all the answers.


It is about you having the inner guidance and vision to step into action even when your external world is questioning your choices. 


My guidance brings safety into what can feel unsafe during a transition as I guide you through refining your skills so you are equipped for not only navigating the changes you are facing, but how to continue to thrive on the other side. 

When you feel confused between your head and your heart, together we will identify the facts and see the hidden details needed to build the future that you desire, without becoming blinkered by societal, industry or personal responsibilities and pressures.

1:1 sessions are a connection like no other.

Be seen as the person you are and who you are becoming, challenge your thinking and feel supported in a powerful container to guide your transformation. 

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A transition looks different to everyone.


With over eighteen years of working with people from all walks of life, my driver became overcoming the problems that hinder inspired humans; when the soul-aching, heart-breaking and life-changing transitions arise.

Transition for me was leaving the Radio and Media industry that I adore and moving into a career that allows me to make real impact in the world. Presenting had been my life for over 30yrs and I was convinced I was destined to not have another job that I cared about so much. Working through what drives me and makes me feel good allowed me to explore how I want to live my life. I am now able to work in the charity sector, giving back to young people and the community and that gives me a different kind of fulfilment that I never knew was possible. 


Gary- Charity Ambassador

Global Media & Entertainment

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