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I help incredible humans harness their energetics to take intentional and powerful action in their world, accelerating exceptional results and impact.

I am 2/5 Generator- my energy and powerful conversations, help people do what they long to do.I am not only a coach but a multifaceted holistic practitioner and teacher,  I use what my clients need in the moment to enable them to uncover their truth to take action and express it out into the world.


In other words, I help you feel amazing and achieve your dreams!

I have lived my life working in some of the most amazing industries and professions including Professional Musical Theatre performer, Choreographer, Director, Multiple 6-figure business owner, Educator, Speaker and my favourite and most inspiring role of them all, Mummy of my daughter Cherry.

Like you, my drive and passion for a range of experiences has allowed me to succeed at some of the highest levels.

Working as a peak-performer helped me pave the start of my journey but with that came the parts that most people didn’t see from the outside…

The constant weight of being ‘everything’ to everyone and always being positive and able to ‘fix’ things. Being so adaptable that I could slot into roles that were other people’s dreams (and I excelled at it), but deep down, that was not me living to my authentic purpose.


On the treadmill of work, life and motherhood, somewhere down the line I lost my soul, identity and what I really wanted; feeling unfulfilled even though I felt I should be grateful for my opportunities and achievements.


Knowing this was not how I wanted to be in the world, I started to unpick the layers of my life experiences; doing the inner-work with coaches and spiritual mentors and studying  human performance, neuroscience and energy work. This journey opened up my heart, my voice and soul gifts in a new way and has led me to working with hundreds of clients on their journey of growth and empowerment.


My soul mission is simple. 







I don't care what you do, I care how you FEEL doing it (1).png

You are worthy of building a life that feels incredible and aligned to your core values, genius, and desires.





I see you beautiful soul.


I can’t wait for you to show yourself and the world just how incredible you are.

Bry xx

I would describe Bryony as...

"The person who can tell you the truth that may be hard to hear but with so much love you know you can do anything"

"Radiating energy! Her smile and energy is infectious, you just want to be around her. Completely magnetising, she has changed my life"

"Magic! Her enthusiasm radiates out and is so contagious"

"Hard to put into words, you have to be in a space with her to truly understand her magic!"

The 'Official' Bit...

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Bryony runs an energetics and activation coaching business and is co- founder of multi-award winning company InvestED Wellbeing, transforming how education approaches Mental Health and Learning Activation in Primary School Education.


With over 16 yrs experience as an educator, performer, trainer and coach, Bryony specialises in igniting clients inner potential.

Bryony takes her clients on an intimate journey of self discovery to realise who they are. Whatever their story, whatever their barriers, she believes that everyone deserves to be seen, and have a platform to express their wants, needs and desires, communicating with effortless confidence and pride.

From start ups to established business owners, teachers, fundraisers, conscious leaders and more, Bryony's coaching ignites clients potential. Developing articulation and an embodied confidence in their expertise and self, emboldening their inner leader and orator.

Bryony's astute observation skills and patient nature allows her to capture the essence and brilliance of her clients, enabling them to courageously communicate, opening the door of possibilities as their life, relationships and career is propelled exponentially.

Her unique power to activate her clients voice and body awareness to convey their desires and message, ace that audition/ pitch or present to prospective clients with power and flare, has resulted in extensive success for those she works with.

Gaining a scholarship to a prestigious Performing Arts institution, Bryony trained with leading experts in movement and vocal techniques. Her career has led her to perform in front of large audiences across the UK and on TV including work with The Northern Ballet Theatre, Theatre Royal Norwich, The London ExCeL and the BBC. Bryony's voiceover work has been played on national radio station Heart FM and she has been featured in publications such as Physical Education Matters and Outline Magazine.

Bryony has delivered Mindset, Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Performance and Communication trainings for a multitude of corporate clients including media conglomerate Global and presented to international leaders at respected institutions such as Cambridge University. Bryony's work has seen her lead large vocal coaching events for government initiatives being broadcast across the UK and directing movement for performances affiliated with the London Olympics and Paralympics. Bryony has been movement director and choreographer for established Theatre companies such as Into Opera and Second Side.

As a coach, Bryony has an exemplary history in drawing out her clients potential in energetics, communication and stagecraft. She has done extensive work with a range of incredible humans within her career, opening up possibilities for clients including some that were mute, had additional behavioural or educational needs, physical disability or were extreme introverts. Her work empowered them to be able to communicate, move and share their voice out into the world with authenticity, confidence and heart, excelling their self belief and vocation.


My Credentials

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- Diploma in the LifeLong learning Sector (DTLLS) - Qualified Teaching and Learning Status (QTLS) -

- Accredited Professional Life Coach - Diploma in the Law of Attraction -

CTAA Accredited Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy Practitioner -

- Certificate in Trauma Informed Practice -- Certificate in the Science of Happiness -

- Certificate in Children and Young People's Mental Health - Diploma in Yoga Teaching -

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I love collaborating with aligned businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations. Recent collabs include:


Corporate Business Coach for international service Spatzia Advisory Limited

EFT Practitioner and Coach for

Moodment App (available on Apple and Android)

Founded by Fitness expert and Author Carly Rowena


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Investing in my personal and business growth is hugely important to me, as it should be to

you if you are investing in someone to support you on your journey. 


Here are some of the amazing people I am currently working and investing in:

- Scott Olford (Business) - 

- Meg Sharland (Personal/ Business Coach, Mentor and Hypnotherapist) -

- Rich Litvin (Business)  -

- Phoebe Kuhn (Human Design/ Business) -

- Rebecca Campbell (Spiritual) -

Who I Invest in...

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