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My unique training and career experience will support you in your  journey of growth and expansion. As a 2/5 Generator, my gifts and skills allow me to draw out what your true desires are and empower you to step into your authentic power and energy to live and serve the world your way.

1:1 Services


Business Energetics & Activation Coaching

For the soul - led visionaries who want to build a successful business their way.


Fusing a powerful blend of business coaching and inner development, your bespoke service allows you to grow consistently as you cultivate an aligned mindset, strategy and balance.

Expand with ease into the next level of growth, success and alignment as I support you to tap into your inner wisdom and ability to communicate your soul purpose, all grounded in my 5 pillar approach for results and prosperity.

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Personal Coaching

For the person who knows they want and deserve, more. Ignite and take action to build the life you want, moving through every moment with confidence, clarity and connection. Release blocks, uncover your true desires and activate your inner power in a safe and supportive space.

The people I work with rise up in an incredible way and their life transforms as a result of working with me. My sessions are infused a wide array of philosophies, techniques, and experiences to allow you to deeply connect to your own wisdom, truth and success.


Live Group Services

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Business Energetics & Career Elevation Mastermind Programme

'The Studio' is an intimate Business and Career Elevation Mastermind Programme for incredible humans to explore, create, rehearse and take action. A space to spend quality time developing, 'sound-boarding' and practicing for your upcoming events, programmes, speaking engagements and more. This is the perfect elevation to your work with a 1:1 coach as this space ignites bringing your ideas to life and identify the blocks coming up so you can go back to your coach with more clarity and focus so you can get your desired results. 

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The Tapping Circle Membership

Unlimited access to my video resource library of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions designed to overcome the common mindset blocks we have as humans.


Created for you to use in the comfort and convenience of your own space for ultimate impact and transformation. 

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I don't care what you do, I care how you FEEL doing it (2)_edited.jpg

The Studio: Online Resource Hub

An online hub of energy activations to elevate your soul and business growth through a range of modalities including; Masterclasses, EFT, Yoga, Meditation, Branding Templates and Workbooks. 

Exclusive access only when you join The Studio Mastermind Programme 


Online Memberships 

1:1 services
group services
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