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You are passionate, disciplined and career driven, having dedicated your life to something that has brought you market success and a XX competitive edge.


Now you find yourself in a career and life transition.


Whether it was an inner knowing or a change of circumstance, you know you need to pivot but don’t know where to start. One of the biggest challenges you face as a peak performer in your industry is when your heart feels broken about stopping what you love but your heart is telling you it is time. 

A transition looks different to everyone

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The teams that you surround yourself with, can cap your vision and restrict your creative output.  get locked down in inward battles that block your energy and momentum to move forwards.

Those closest to you don’t understand your frustrations as they are proud of everything you’ve got and everything you have achieved. This makes it harder for you to make the change you want

With over eighteen years of working with creative visionaries and peak performers, my driver became overcoming the problems that hinder inspired humans; when the soul aching, heart breaking and life changing transitions arise.


I am an expert at taking high achievers from around the globe in taking intentional, conscious action that leads to 

The common frustrations you feel when you are in a transitional point

You are interested in what you can do in the present but the majority of the world reassures and celebrates you through everything you have done in the past.  You want more, you want change and they don’t seem to understand.

Feelings of being unsure of what future opportunities can look like, makes it harder to build a team around you as they don’t comprehend who you are wanting to be and what you want to create

You are fed up of compromising to fit into a system or network that you have been in.

Your life is more than the latest award or achievement and are searching for substance, knowing that a XX pivot can lead to a heightened influence and life/ career existence.

Which of these best describes you?

A transition looks different to everyone


website IG size images (1)_edited.png

Alexa Young, CA

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