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I help incredible humans harness their energetics to take intentional and powerful action in their world to accelerate exceptional results and impact.

I would describe Bryony as...

"A coach with an open heart and such an innate gift for what she does"

"Hard to put into words, you have to be in a space with her to truly understand her magic!"

"Magic! Her enthusiasm radiates out and is so contagious"

She imbues such fun, vibrant energy to her work and her sessions are so impactful."

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The Studio:

Soul & Career Elevation


Thursday 7.30-9.30pm (BST) 2022



My gift is to anchor and awaken the inner magic within, to allow every person I work with, to grow as the unique, creative and magnetic person they are.


I open the possibility for every client to be truly seen and feel the power and frequency of a collective.

I have over 16 years of extensive experience, as a 6-figure business owner, Coach, EFT Practitioner, Trainer, Educator and Performer.

Intuitively fusing my multi-faceted expertise, I take my clients on a unique journey where they can empower their words, thoughts and actions with exceptional clarity, positivity and assurance.

Through 1:1 and group sessions, my clients experience such a transformative understanding of themselves that they can access calm, confidence and creativity wherever life takes them.

i would describe bryony as..._edited.png

“Working with Bryony has proven to be such a supportive and positive experience. Through her sincere guidance, I've been able to focus on learning concepts of which I hadn't previously been aware, and it's resulted in a confidence to explore new territories on my journey of growing my business through this challenging time. Thank you, Bryony!”

Luke- Mindset Coach and EFT Practitioner

"Thank you so much for your amazing sessions, I can't explain the release I have felt after each one! Having the space to privately experience healing whilst in a collective, in a way I have never felt before, all while being guided and supported by you and your magic energy is something truly special. It is hard to put into words about how amazing the sessions are, you have to try it to truly understand! Thank you for holding space for us all every month."

Joy- Actor and Activist

"When I came to Bryony I was struggling to cope, I had lost sight of myself and what my life was really all about. Bryony has helped me to change my way of thinking, see my self-worth and gain a deeper understanding of my triggers and patterns. Bryony has listened to me, challenged me, been wonderfully honest with me and has never forgotten a previous conversation between us. She was there for me when I truly needed help and I am so grateful to her and her continued support as I am  building the life and job I have always dreamed of."

Stefanie- Educator