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As a driven and ambitious human being, it may feel hard to admit you are struggling inside.  Whether it's keeping your business running, leading teams of people, being a parent or just general life feeling heavy, people may look to us to have it all together and know the answers and that can feel hard. 

My online 121 coaching containers are a powerful space to explore what is really going on inside. You may feel like you already know, you may have no idea. Either way, is perfect for your journey as we explore together what is keeping you stuck and what is inside ready to unleash into the world! Every time I work with a client, no matter their story, they say the similar sentiments on the other side...


 "I came to you about X as that was what was feeling hard... I can't believe from that we ended up going to X instead and that has changed EVERYTHING in my life and career!" 


And thats just it. We are a whole human experience and everything we feel affects everything we do. When we alleviate what is feeling heavy or holding us back on the inside, everything else shifts and unfolds beyond what you can imagine.

So what will you experience in my coaching containers?

Firstly, you're going to get a personalised Activation Report, sharing what I

believe are your foundations for the explorations and refinery within your

identity and environment so you can get to know yourself in a deeper way

than ever before. 


Secondly, a bespoke EFT sequence recording that pulls together your genius,

gifts and shadows/ mindset blocks so that it linguistically speaks to you on a level like no other. This gives you the solid foundation for transformation and consistent application throughout your transition into calm and fulfilment.


Thirdly, weekly 1:1 sessions (via Zoom) are a connection like no other. Be seen as the person you are and who you are becoming, challenge your thinking and perceptions and feel supported in a powerful container to guide your transformation. In order for a transition to evolve in a way where you excel and meets your innate desires, I ensure a coaching relationship is consistently empowered and connected so the troubles get troubleshooted, the highs get celebrated, and your path gets created.

​People work with me because I can identify where there is constriction and a sense of limitation that is causing discord. I then work intensively with my clients to reduce the state, length and process of anything they are going through. Together we create the catalyst to take action to unlock your ultimate fulfilment.



In addition to the above you also get high touch coaching/ advisory between sessions via the Telegram app (free to download here) and access to my online EFT Tapping online portal and range of resources for personal and business growth.

If this sounds like the programme for you then I cannot wait to work with you.

To sign up, choose your payment option below and email me at to get your sessions booked in

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TOTAL- £2,222

(or x4 instalments of £556 via standing order or Paypal)

BACS details:

Monzo Bank



PAYPAL Link (full amount)

PAYPAL Link (x4 payments)

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"I'll admit, when I started, I felt sceptical
(and a bit silly at times!) but I trusted you and I was absolutely right too. My sales have skyrocketed, I can network confidently and I feel more in control of myself and how I feel which as a bloke feels weird to say but I am... I am a better man for doing this."

Ben- IT Specialist


Luke, Coach and Model

Working with Bryony has proven to be such a supportive and positive experience. Through her sincere guidance, I've been able to focus on learning concepts of which I hadn't previously been aware, and it's resulted in a confidence to explore new territories on my journey of growing my business through this challenging time.

Thank you, Bryony!”

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 12.13_edited.jpg

Stef, Educator

When I came to Bryony I was struggling to cope, I had lost sight of myself and what my life was really all about. Bryony has helped me to change my way of thinking, see my self-worth and gain a deeper understanding of my triggers and patterns. Bryony has listened to me, challenged me, been wonderfully honest with me and has never forgotten a previous conversation between us. She was there for me when I truly needed help and I am so grateful to her and her continued support as I am building the life and job I have always dreamed of.


Kirsty, Copywriter

Bryony's beautiful observations help transport you fully to your next level self. With an intuitive approach to how she works, you are able to see the barrier holding you back. I can now embrace my introverted side and I am so much more confident.

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