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My name is Bryony and I am a reformed work addict!!

After 9yrs working and teaching 14-16hr days straight, 6 days a week, I knew things needed to change for me. I began learning and implementing simple mindset tools to shift my unhealthy patterns and habits and it was an absolute GAME CHANGER for not only myself, my family and my career. 

Now I want to help you. 

I created this programme specifically for people who feel stuck in a default pattern of stress, anxiety and overwork. People who find it hard to relax and sleep or want to lead their business and team from a calm and centred space no matter the external challenges.


As a driven human being, it may feel hard to admit you are struggling inside and this is why I carefully crafted this potent and time-efficient programme to alleviate what is feeling heavy on the inside. 

My 8 week programme is completely anonymous and can be done privately in your own space and at time that suits you and your business/ career.


You don’t always need to talk things out...


This programme is about developing your tools and shattering those limiting habits and patterns without looking someone in the eye and having conversations... the magic is delivered through powerful weekly videos and resource personalised to your individual needs to transition you out of those feelings and behaviours that are not serving you.


Words cannot even express the transfiguration I have seen from my clients undertaking this programme. So for the equivalent of £20 a week, I guarantee this will affect the way you approach everything in both your life and business.

Fill in the form and let's begin...

"I'll admit, when I started I felt sceptical (and a bit silly at times!) but I trusted you and I was absolutely right too. My sales have skyrocketed, I can network confidently and I feel more in control of myself and how I feel which as a bloke feels weird to say but I am... I am a better man for doing this."

Ben- IT Specialist



BACS details:

Monzo Bank




(please note there is a small Paypal fee charge applied if you chose to pay via this method.

Total cost £164.94. I appreciate your understanding. 

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"Woah! Your videos have changed so much for me! It's hard to describe the effects as I can feel and see it EVERYWHERE! I feel like a better parent, I am achieving more at work, my relationship feels more loving... so simple to do but has changed my life. Thank you Bryony, you really are magic!"

Em- Teacher


REWIRE- Sign up form

Please tick any of the followin that relate to you so I can personalise your plan effectively: (answers are confidential)

Thanks for signing up to REWIRE! After payment has been processed, you will recieve an email from me with the next steps.

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