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Bryony is an experienced writer, speaker and award winning online programme provider.
She is always open to new connections and opportunities so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

"The space you have opened up for me to express myself is so valuable. You have created safety, comfort and connection in a process that could have felt really alien. It is so incredible to have your insights and knowledge on healing and spirituality and the EFT is actually rewiring my thought processes in a way I never imagined. Thank you for bringing a whole new dimension to my healing in such a safe, kind and supportive way."

Emily- Teacher

1:1 Client/ REWIRE Member

“I love working with Bryony because she hears me, which is so important to me, guides me safely to see things in a better way, flip it. I always feel that when we have a session I'm never rushed, always encouraged to grow at my pace. I never feel pushed.

Your sessions light a fire in my soul that I have never been able to do by myself. Thank you for guiding me to take action and make my dreams into a reality. I have grown so much that I don't recognise the old me now. The difference you have made to me, my family and business is just amazing,”

Emma- EFT Practitioner and Entrepreneur

1:1 Client/ REWIRE Member

"When I came to Bryony I was struggling to cope and I was drowning in sadness. I had lost sight of myself and what my life was really all about. Bryony has helped me to change my way of thinking, see my self-worth and gain a deeper understanding of my triggers and patterns. Bryony. has listened to me, challenged me, been wonderfully honest with me and has never forgotten a previous conversation between us. Bryony was there for me when I truly needed help and I am so grateful to her."

Stefanie- Teacher

1:1 Client

"Thank you so much for your amazing Rewire EFT sessions. I can't explain the release I have felt after your sessions!

Having the space that is all mine to privately experience healing in a way I have never felt before, all while being guided and supported by you and your magic energy is something truly special. It is hard to put into words about how amazing the sessions are, you have to try it to truly understand! Thank you for holding space for us all every month."

Joy- Actress and Activist


“Bryony is amazing to work with, always so supportive and so positive The help I get from Bryony with the EFT tapping has been absolutely amazing getting me through some tough times. I dread to think where I’d be without her help! I can honestly say my anxiety at least halves after a session and I sleep so much better!”

Martin- Video Producer and Entrepreneur


"Bryony is truly a joy to work with. She highlighted areas I hadn’t thought of before with my branding, tuning into my values and what I wanted to convey to my clients. It was a wonderful, collaborative experience and I felt she brought a whole new life to my branding and business vision. I would highly recommend working with her."

Fern-Adele Porter-Fitness Entrepreneur

1:1 Client

"Bryony's beautiful observations help transport you fully to your next level self. With an intuitive approach to how she works, you are able to see the barrier holding you back. I can now embrace my introverted side and I am so much more confident.”

Kirsty- Entrepreneur

1:1 Client

"Bryony allows me time to open up and talk, facilitating with some incredible insightful questions, She's helped me so far in recognising my triggers and exactly how to handle them without the usual 'mum guilt' creeping in. Having someone hold space as a single mum is huge, I can't believe how I was speaking to myself internally without realising it. Thank you for deepening my understanding to help me be the best mum I can.”

Kara- Spiritual entrepreneur

1:1 Client

"Bryony is the most enthusiastic, engaging and focused person I have worked with! Bryony has time for everyone, bubbling positivity and total commitment to improved personal journeys to all those she works with. A powerhouse of a human!”

Kevin- Senior Lecturer in Education and Entrepreneur


“Working with Bryony has proven to be such a supportive and positive experience. Through her sincere guidance, I've been able to focus on learning concepts of which I hadn't previously been aware, and it's resulted in a confidence to explore new territories on my journey of growing through this challenging time. Thank you, Bryony!”

Luke- Tarot and EFT Entrepreneur


“Bryony is a very calming influence and really helps you turn your thinking around. She gave me some great tools to work with as I was feeling anxious about going back to work after maternity leave and strategies to help me handle my emotional triggers that come with being a mum. If I was to describe Bryony in two words they would be calming positivity.”

Liz- Mummy of 2


“I can’t believe how much your sessions have helped me move forward in changing my negative thought patterns. I take my changes into my workplace and there is a definite shift in my perception. Using Tapping to release my fears on what I want and speaking my truth is powerful. I now speak out and am honest with my own view point. This is massive!”

Jo- NHS Worker


Are you ready to activate and embody your truest self to live the life you desire?

"Bryony is a very supportive and passionate coach. She has a kind nature which puts you at ease as soon as you are in her company. She is very sincere in her approach and creates a positive environment to focus on your goals. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable in enabling me to align my thoughts and set achievable personal targets both as a mum and a professional. Personalised strategies suggested have been vital in easing my anxieties, promoting productivity and helping me recognise and celebrate my successes. Bryony, your enthusiasm is infectious and your commitment and support to instigating positive, practical changes in my mindset has been the catalyst in my self growth. Thank you so much!"

Melissa- Teacher

1:1 Client/ REWIRE Member

"I love Bryony’s uplifting positivity, her beaming smile is catching! I always feel refreshed and positive after a session with you. I hadn’t really looked at coaching before but when the opportunity to work with you came along it just felt right."

Charlotte- Entrepreneur

1:1 Client

"Bryony's group sessions are really wonderful. They are accessible, practical and easy to follow. I love it and I love her calm presence. The results from our sessions are very effective. I feel calmer, less anxious and much more confident. Thank you so much Bryony."

Rachael- Yoga Tutor


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