Harnessing the super power that is your mind.


As a performer you will experience the highs and the lows.

From high-pressure performance situations to rejection at ‘another’ audition…

Talking about what the industry is like and ‘preparing’ is one thing, but actually rewiring your subconscious and building resilience from the inside out protects positive mental health and wellbeing whilst allowing to perform at your optimum.

Whether we like it or not, we all have self-limiting beliefs that hold us back based on our experience of the world. By identifying and shifting mindset ‘blocks’ we allow ourselves to move forward and become open to more possibility than we ever thought possible. Whether it is unlocking the freedom and confidence to express yourself in a way that you never have before, to coping calmly when life takes an unexpected turn, a positive mindset can change everything.
I work with high-level working professionals and aspiring students to develop peak performance through Mindset Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique. My sessions combine a range of modalities drawing from over 18yrs of experience including neuroscience, positive psychology, Yoga and Energy Therapy.

Master powerful techniques to channel your potential whilst staying the happy and healthy person your are deserving of being.
You are capable of achieving your biggest goals
and creating the life you desire.


"Bryony made me feel comfortable since day one and has continued ever since. I owe Bryony a lot she has made me into the dancer and person I am today. I use everything she has taught me mentally to get through everyday. Dance is not only about being good technically but it is tough on you mentally, Bryony has helped me cope with this and everything I have been through. Bryony gave me the confidence to follow my heart and continue to follow my dreams."

— Callum
(Student- D16 Performing Arts College)
"Coaching and Tapping with Bryony has been a gamechanger for not only my performing but also my personal life. My mental health had taken a dive during the pandemic and the support and space Bryony held for me to process my emotions and reconnect with myself is something that has quite frankly, changed my life. 

As I am back into performing, my continuation of coaching has become a non-negotiable, it is my 'gym' for my mindset. It keeps me at peak performance but also keeps me true to my authentic self even when playing multiple characters!"

— Charlie
(Professional West End Performer)